am i so cun?!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

ma unforgettable memory

weylow everybody ,,
a greet from me ..
here i come to post ma postponed entry ..
xcewly dawr lma tuleyh tp ta smpat nk post !!
gypown ,, im not really ready tp post it lowrh ..
' ma unforgettable memory ' ?
[da memory dat will vividly in ma mind da entire of lyfe]
yeahh ,, begitu larh tjuk post ak ntok kly neyhh .. go wif da flow yawrh bebeh !!
sedeyhh2 pnyer citerr dlu yeaaa ,

people , i juz cant bear dis anymore : (
i owes feel da stinging of tears behind ma blissful eyes but then ,, i slowly take a deep breath to stop them . ;(
yeah !! i dunt wanna to show off ma sadness . but yeap ,, patience has limit . one fine day surely it'll burst & dat fine day is on 20th of March 2010. uuhh ,, gosh !! i burst ma tears again . i mish him badly ;(
i deserved to suffer lyke dis , but im juz a human being , a weak galz wif less strength . i admit it .
ma strength is HIM ! so how am i gonna make ma way if all of ma soul is wif him ?
at dhat tym , i juz lyke a body wif no soul , no hartz.. i wish i could die !
hurmm ,, when i open ma fb && ms, he is da fest person dhat i search for .
it seems lyke ma dainty fingers get order from ma brain to type quickly his name everytym i on9..
automatically!! idk y dis happened...
as usual ,, ak neyh psikik cket.. poblem chenta memnjang.. cm org twa laa plarx ..
im SEVENTEEN baru kay ?!! haha ,, stil muda trang tang tang .. [ishh ,, bhsa pewr yg ak gna neyh]

yeahh !! im writing dis wif ma tears ..
im here waiting for u ,, buddy !!
im stupid ,, yes i do !! but i wanntt youu to noew dhat , dis stupid galz is
hoping youu to be wif her all tym..
& she lurve u more than she lurve herself..
hurmmm ,, anda ,anda , sy rndu anda..
dunt u miss me lyke i miss u ?!!
SWEAR!! sy rndu kmu .. sy menangeh bla tengat kmu..
sy sngaja bzykn dri saya coz saya tamaw down..
sy engat shuma psan kmu .. u said to mee ,, 'wateva happen , kta tetp BFF!
even ta leyh contact cm slalu pown.. fown kna tarek ?!! no hal larhh,.. kta stil leyh contact gy kn.. thru ms && fb ,, ryte??! sy sruh kmu cri BFF bru .. but kmu kta, 'engat sng kewr nk iktiraf org jdy BFF!! ckup larh sowunx..
biar kta lalui sush sng b'shama.. tue larh erty kta BFF y sbenr.. [ceyhh ,, t'hru glaa tym neyhh.. mg kuar air mta dowrh].. hwak33..
sy taw kmu msty saket aty glaa dgn sy ..
tengz a lot dear coz kmu mg patience sgt tym tuee...
sy stil egt ayt neyhh ,, 'zati! leyh ark klaw ta ckap cm tuee argy ?!! anx cm bncy glaa ja kt ak..
then ,, sy ta reply dh .. xcewly kmu thu ark ,, sy takowt sgt amt larhh khilangan kmue ..
mg sy tamaw glaa.. sy nangeh pwas2.. cry wif al ma hartz..
before tuee ,, kmu kol sy kn ?!! tp sy ckap ndah ta ndah jer.. sy tataw nk gtaw cmnaa kt kmue lowrh,,
sy pkir sowunx2 ja.. sy mg ska pkir yg bkan2.. tp nseb dawr ASHE tym 2..
sy lpas kt dya smbil nangeh2.. dy pjuk sy.. [ashe!! tengz a lot dude~]
kmue,, kmue dgar x?! hurmm,, sy akn slalu tgu kmu,, hnya kmu d aty sy..
sy snggup break pomish sy smata2 sal kmu!!

sy sdeyh glaaa amat larhh,,
sy rindu msa kta b'shama..
sy rindu suara ta macho kmu..
sy rindu msej ngarut kmu ,, kol kmu..
sy rindu kta2 smangat kmu..
sy rindu mskol kmu tep2 pagy..
sy rindu fwendship quotes kmu..
sy rindu gud nytez wish kmu..
sy rindu semua tntg kamue..
kmue ,, plish read dis !! even sy taw sy ta pnah bg add blog neyh kt kmue..
kmue mg dh fed up nk minx dh kn..
so sowie buddy!!
sy syg kmue spenoh aty sy..[chewaaahh,,wat trouk]
pdahl seket aty jaa..

im NUR HASNA IZZATI will do da besh for you!!

keyh ,, frankly speaking ; im a broken hearted girl & im really really heartless rytenow ,,
myb sbb byk pkir kowt smpay ta lart dahh.. b'serah pd yg maha ESA jaa..
yeahh ,, lyfe must go on.. to HIM ; thank you babe for guiding & taking care of me since
fest we knew each other , ily !! shuma yg jdy msty dawr hikmah kn?!! dunt worry , we're stil young , ryte?!
i'll be watching youu from here ,, taking care of you silently & loving you secretly ;)
dunt worry ,, i'll not bother you lyke always.. and,,and bout ma silly msej ,,
juz ignore them!! i really really didnt mean it.. i spilt out shit words without thinking it might annoyed u..
wut i noew,, i juz wan to release ma tenses!! hurmm ,, i hate dhat i love you..
its totally fake! i did it for a reason ; a reason dhat no one knows.. hnya ALLAH yg tawu,,
ma condition without u.. xcewly ,, i want to run from maself.. u know y?!
not bcoz i dunt love u but i try to stand on ma own feet ma days without youu..
tykan kta nk pursue blik study yg dh kta tinggal sdekad yg lalue.. as kta dh t'lalu rpat,, im too scared to lose you.. so myb dis way can help me to accept wateva fade!!
dear ,, study hard.. i know u can do it.. make ur parents proud of you.. no tym to play~
bila kta dh besar nnty ,, sure kta akn jmpak gy.. and dhat tym , we'll be in love ,, yeahh!! insyaALLAH~
hee,, i whispered to maself as i try to pacify maself.. yeahh,, if u read dis,, u must be wondering y i seem to b happy ,,ryte?!! its simply because i believed in fate && destiny.. im totally sure dhat we r made for each other ;) [sjer nk wat gegeh coz i know u cant read dis.. wekkk ;) ]
dis is ma hard tyme.. yeahhh!! i admit.. im crying days & nytez ,, burst in tears ,,
suffer da pain ,, but dunt worry ,i'll be fine !! your pictures , our memories , your msej & your quotes are da strength for me to carry on wif ma lyfe ;)
ilysm , imusm.. buddy ,, i miss everytinx bout u.. EVERYTINX!
<3> you!!

hurmm ,,
Looking back on everytink,
I still remember his smile.
I wish things didnt end so soon,
And turn back time for a while..

No matter how much it hurts,
I still love him so.
A part of me needs him so much,
Cant seem to let him go.

Knowing I wont be able to see him,
Makes my heart cry out in pain.
I cant believe we wont talk anymore,
The thought makes me wanna go insane.

He was my reason for waking up,
For the smile you see on my face.
Going a single day without him,
Makes me feel so out of place.

I was afraid of opening up,
Now Im afraid of the next day.
Whenever I see him one last time,
Im terrified of what he may say.

I know tomorrow will hurt,
But the tears will fade away.
Life is too short for regrets,
There will be a brighter day.

But when I see him one last time,
I wont know what to do..
When he tells me that last goodbye,
I'll whisper,''I already miss you..''

ps ; ure my one & only!!
dis is for you..

the end of sad story me && him*


  1. sern,,finally..
    stu pngkuan..hehe~~

  2. anx bhong per?!!
    pengakuan per?!!

  3. cece..wat tatao bleyh~
    muahahaha.. :)

  4. larhh,,mg ak tataw pown!!
    yunx~~ kmu sowunx d aty ak tawu?!!
    tiada yg dwa.. hnya kmu yg 1 lowrh..
    believe me erk...~
    td tue ak dedicated kt anx arhh..
    anx egt towk shapa?!!

  5. perghhh..!!
    tergoda +_ trharu ak bca..
    lebiu larlink..!

  6. tuee larh..
    anx egt per arhh?!!
    kmu kn chenta aty sy?!!
    sy dh ta dawr shapa2 kt dnia neyh..
    KAMU jaa...
    lebiu tue dear!!

  7. peyh!!!p0y0 d0wrh,...ceceyh, it ma sis?!!huahahax,..gwanx,..